Carnival of the Animals Camille Saint-Saenz Music Appreciation

Carnival of the Animals Camille Saint-Saenz Music Appreciation
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Carnival of the Animals

By Camille Saint-Saens


Music Appreciation Game- by Patti DeWitt


Package includes:

6-  18 inch x 24 inch student game boards

6-  sets of game cards (14 per page)

One set of Teacher’s cards

Biography of Camille Saint-Saens

Instruction Sheet


The teacher may use this game both as a tool for introducing the students to the musical suite, Carnival of the Animals, and as a method of evaluation.


As a teaching tool,  the students get familiar with the life and career of Camille-Saint Saens.  Using the melodic events  in the Carnival of the Animals, students learn the tempo and dynamic markings by using the melodic phrases given on the cards.


As a mode of evaluation

You divide the class into 6 groups. Play the movements of the Carnival of the Animals one at a time. Allow student to work collaboratively to decide which movement is being played. The teacher decides if the movements are to be played in order or at random to ascertain student recognition.

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