Hoke 7644F4Y, Selectomite® 76 Series 3-Way Trunnion Ball Valve

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  • Item #: hoke7644F4Y
  • Manufacturer: Hoke
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 7644F4Y
  • Condition: New

Hoke  7644F4Y Selecto-mite

316SST 3 way valve

1/4" inlet, 1/4" outlet, 6000 psig 414 bar,

0 to 250 F, Orifice size 0.187 in,

Flow Coefficient 0.56, Panel Hole Dia 57/64 in, 22.6 MM,

Max Panel Thickness 3/16 in 4.8 mm

                • Compressed natural gas dispensing 
                • Instrument air lines 
                • Sampling systems 
                • 2-way gauge readout of line pressure 
                • Down hole control systems on offshore drilling platforms 
                • Blowout-proof stem for added safety 
                • Trunnion design assures leak-tight sealing at full 6000 psig (414 bar) 
                • differential pressure for high pressure applications. 
                • Handle points to port in use or to closed position, providing a visual cue and improved safety.
                • Encapsulated dual Nylatron seats and Viton stem seals ensure a leak tight seal. 
                • This combination provides greater valve reliability.

The reduced pricing is because this item is unused but has warehouse handling imperfections.

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