Mil-L-6085A Chemlube 201 synthetic Lubricant Quart

Mil-L-6085A Chemlube 201 synthetic Lubricant Quart
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  • Item #: Chemlube 201 qt
  • Manufacturer: Ultrachem
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 201 QT
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Chemlube 201 is a synthetic lubricant that meets the unique requirements for the instrument industry and is equivalent to MIL-L-6085A requirements and conforms to those specifications.

Sold by the Quart, it is a synthetic lubricant that meets the unique requirements of high pressure, multi-stage air compressors. It is also used in lieu of Anderol 401-D. which is used in Elster American Meter products and sold as P/N 34928G004

Typical Industry Applications

Impregnating Lubricant  Instruments  Business Machines  Appliances  Meters  Postal Equipment  Motors  Timing Devices  Compressors  Hydraulic Devices  Electric Motors 

We sell this item in gallons, quarts, and pints.

Performance Benefits

Light viscosity for outstanding low temperature actuation

High viscosity index, less change with temperature

Low evaporation rate for long life

Excellent oxidation stability – non gumming

Wide useful temperature range, -65° to 300°F

Equivalent to MIL-L-6085A requirements

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