Molecular Sieve 13X Alumina Silicate Beads 8 Ounces *

Molecular Sieve 13X Alumina Silicate Beads 8 Ounces *
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13X Molecular Sieve

Used for applications such as drying breathing air for Scuba, dehydration and purification of various hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gas and liquid streams.Molecular sieve adsorbents were developed to remove water from liquids and gases more efficiently than the older silica gel and alumina desiccants. Molecular sieves, because of their crystalline composition, will yield virtually water-free products. This feature makes molecular sieves particularly useful in cryogenic operations where liquefaction of gases is required and water must be eliminated to avoid freezing

Our 13X molecular sieve products are multipurpose, porous, high capacity alkali metal alumino-silicates in the spherical form. They are the sodium form of the Type X crystal structure with pore diameters of approximately 10Å. They can adsorb all molecules that can be adsorbed by 3A, 4A, and 5A molecular sieve. Molecular sieve 13X can also adsorb molecules such as aromatics and branched-chain hydrocarbons, which have large critical diameters.

 8 ounce Bag
Air dryer desiccant
  • Adsorption of aromatics
  • Adsorption of branched-chain hydrocarbons with large critical diameters
  • General gas drying
  • High purity gas drying applications
  • Removal of H2O and CO2 in air plant purification systems for air separation processes
  • Removal of H2O and CO2 from gas and air streams
  • Sweetening of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbon streams by removing H2S and mercaptans
  • Separation of N2 from O2
  • PSA oxygen units
  • PSA oxygen generation systems

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