The Singing Musician Level 4 TBB Teacher Edition Patti DeWitt

The Singing Musician Level 4 TBB Teacher Edition Patti DeWitt
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Includes Teachers Resource Book 

CD of Supplemental Resources including Activity Sheets, Lesson Plans and Literature

For "The Singing Musician" Level 4 TBB Inc.

The Singing Musician offers music reading exercises, literature in sequence, theory, music history, listening activities, vocal production, concert etiquette, expression, and creativity. Level 1 is written for the beginning choral student-it's based on the Orff philosophy and uses Movable Do, solfege hand signs, open-fifth accompaniments, Orff orchestrations and Kodaly rhythmic syllables. It moves slowly and presumes no prior music reading knowledge on the part of the student. The series provides: An in-depth coverage of state and national standards and Sequential learning based upon music literacy skills. Practice Material comes in multiple voicings at Levels 2-4. The Literature supports the learning sequence, the ability to encourage, as well as, promote student independence and creativity. It is an objective, observable, and measurable assessment. A tool that lends itself to vertical and horizontal curriculum alignment throughout a school, district, and state.

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