Turbine Meter Oil MIL-L-6085A 1 litre bottles 34928G004 201

Turbine Meter Oil MIL-L-6085A 1 litre bottles 34928G004 201
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  • Item #: 34928G004
  • Manufacturer: Ultrachem
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 34928G004
  • Condition: New
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Chemlube 201

sold in Litre bottles. 

This listing is for a box of 8 Litres.

Chemlube 201 is a synthetic lubricant that meets the unique requirements of high pressure, multi-stage air compressors. 

which is used in Elster American Meter products and sold as P/N 34928G004 and P/N 52240G003.

  • USDA H-2 approved formulation
  • Wide temperature range
  • High flash point means reduced fire hazard
  • Eliminate seasonal oil changes
  • Waste disposal is minimized due to longer life than petroleum oil
  • Cost effective
  • Meets Mil-L-6085A

This is the  lubricant that would be used in the smaller compressors such as Walter-Kidde, Stewart Warner, Cornelius, etc.

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